The Art Project of Selection of Bilingual Artworks of Quranic Verses

  • One of the ways of presentation of Quran and its concepts in international arena is the use of bilingual or multilingual artworks centered on the Quranic verses and their translation in English, French, Spanish, Russian and etc. Its exhibition is one of the best methods that is of a higher impact on international community in terms of creation of the impetus for learning Quran and true Islamic notions due to its visual, conceptual and aesthetic nature.
  • One of the ways of presentation of Quran and its notions to the younger generations and developing nation in the age of globalization is the use of the existing art tools of the same society.
  • Innovative creation of artworks is one of the most important strategies for the development and promotion of Quranic notions. Then, the use of these innovations and their promotion in the society can impregnate many potentialities in the younger generation of the society and contribute to the expansion of Quranic culture and its promotion.
  • A bilingual series of the selected verses of Holy Quran was prepared using the English, German, French and Spanish translations in 2014 and subsequently exhibited in several international fairs.
  • Thus, the International Art Gallery announces its readiness for the performance of another series of the calligraphies of the selected verses of Holy Quran in the form of magnificent ordered artwork.

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The Project of Calligraphy of English Translation of the Holy Quran:

  • One of the great and significant projects of the International Art Gallery is the calligraphy of the whole English translation of Holy Quran and its combination with Islamic arts including the calligraphy of the manuscripts and ornamental arts and its replacement with the published translations in the world all of which have been prepared using computer fonts.
  • Given the significance of calligraphy and beauty of the written arts for the Anglophone audience and provision of the needs of the audience who cannot reach the Arabic writing system, the performance of this project in international level has become necessary.
  • In fact, the goal of this project is the transmission of the Quranic notions in international arena and the presentation of a lasting work that can address the needs of the Anglophone audience with a writing system that is strange to their culture and art.
  • The main substructure of this project has been designed based on its English translation, but at the same time, all Quranic principles including the best calligraphy of the Quranic manuscripts as well as the slightest Quranic and artistic issues have also been taken into account. The ultimate product is the most perfect, valuable and magnificent bilingual manuscript of Holy Quran in Islamic world and international arena.
  • The basis of this project in its first phase was prepared focusing on the thirtieth section of Holy Quran in English in 2004. Relying on these brilliant art experiences and engagement in successful projects such as Al Burdah Project, the Gallery has reached the necessary readiness for the performance of this herculean work.
  • Given the importance, magnitude and sensitivity of this project, the International Art Gallery will choose the best proposal of cooperation concerning its performance after the required negotiations.

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The Art Project of the Selection of Bilingual Quatrains of Khayyam

The combined calligraphical works of the quatrains of Omar Khayyam presents a different perspective of what the artists of the visual arts have created in this domain. Creation of this type of works given the need of the global audience of Khayyam serves as a bridge between the eastern culture and other cultures and this is a meaningful interaction for transmission of concepts and themes of Khayyam’s quatrains which not only preserves this ancient heritage rather it sets the ground for the presentation of the language and original arts of different countries.  

  • The collection of tableaus created between the years 2006 and 2009 has been prepared on the occasion of the bicentennial of Edward Fitzgerald as well as the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the historical translation of Khayyam’s quatrains by this translator.
  • These works were performed and exhibited at Niavaran Palace in Iran in 2009 hosting numerous thinkers, artists and literati along with the ceremony held in Oxford University and Texas University.  
  • This collection includes 54 tableaus of combined calligraphy of Khayyam in different languages. These works present a combination of the Iranian calligraphical arts, copperplate calligraphy, Gothic, Indian Flourished Italic, Japanese Takatana calligraphy, Georgian calligraphy, Russian calligraphy and other eastern traditional arts.
  • Due to the importance of Khayyam’s quatrains in international level and the lack of the artworks that have used the translations of the renowned translators of the world, the International Art Gallery announces its readiness for performance of another collection of the selected Khayyam’s quatrains in the form of a magnificent work.

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The Art Project of Selected Bilingual Poems of Rumi

The society that is engulfed in spiritual chaos and intellectual agitation always searches for a roadmap leading to prosperity. Rumi has addressed the need 800 years ago.

Every man from any religion and cultural background is able to take his own share from this sea of thought.

Thus, his solutions and strategies address the difficulties, deviations, chaos and challenges with which the mankind is grappling.

Rumi cannot be reduced to cultural, racial and historical clichés and this is why if his poems are rendered rightly to any language every man in any place across the world can take advantage of them to establish a better relationship with God, self, mankind and the universe. They also lead the mankind to true peace and prosperity in life.

The art project of common human culture includes 30 works of selected poems of Rumi on such themes as

- Love of God

- Worldly life

- Divine Providence

- Livelihood

- Supplication and Worshipping

- Thanksgiving

- Patience

- Effort and Struggle

- Hope

The English translations of Nicholson and Barks are the basis of this collection.

The translations of Nicholson and Barks are the best available renditions of Rumi’s poetry which have succeeded to present a major part of the mental notions of Rumi using a literary dexterity.

The main goal of this art project is addressing the need of those audience who are not familiar with Rumi’s mother tongue and this work allows them to have a selection of Rumi’s poems in the form of artwork in their life setting just like the works of the Al Qasidah project.

Thus, the International Art Gallery announces its readiness for the implementation of this art project with the collaboration of the interested parties, institutions, Rumi societies and artistic-literary centers.




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You can send your suggestions in this regard in written form along with your contact information to us.