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The activity of the International Art Gallery has begun since 2000 aiming at allowing the intercultural audience to understand the meaning of the notion of religious, literary and artistic texts within the context of the bilingual artworks using the highest art measures in international arena.
In the first phase of this art project has been performed under the supervision and leadership of Master Mojtaba Karami and by the cooperation of 5 taskforces including literary, Islamic and Quranic experts. These five taskforces consist of professional taskforce of assessment of the authorized international translators, taskforce of internal calligraphy, taskforce of gilding and illuminated manuscripts, segmentation and frame building and taskforce of international relations.
In the next phase, International Art Gallery will center its activities on combined international arts such as bilingual music, in addition to creation and exhibition of the written arts.
International Art Gallery is an independent art institution and is not affiliated to any governmental organization or institution. The budget is provided through the creation and selling the artworks.