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Given the importance and fame of this Qasidat, one dares to call it the most perfect and beautiful eulogy of the Prophet Mohammad that has praised the virtues of the Prophet Mohammad in ten independent chapters.

The fame of this Qasidat in all Islamic and non-Islamic countries, the necessity of the development and promotion of the prophetic virtues and life style in those societies which do not have any understanding of its Arabic content, the composition of Arabic poems and the eloquent translation of it provided by Dr Syed Mohiuddin Qaderi have all rendered the performance of this project urgent than before.

Thus, in the first phase, thirty-two verses of the elegy were calligraphed in the form of 30 magnificent bilingual works which are decorated by 24 karat gold.

And in the second phase of this art project, the whole Qasidat including all its 10 chapters on different subjects in praise of the virtues of the Holy Prophet of Islam will be performed in the form of a magnificent bilingual book.