Artwork Frames

Creation of magnificent handmade art frames:

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Artwork Frames

This collection of frames is made of Georgian beech of 61 widths, 74 lengths and 2.5 cm depth and without using any metal joinders.
Since the content of the works a selection of the poems derived from Egyptian poet Al-Burdah’s elegy, the frames have visually and formally been designed based on the arcs of the altars of the mosques as well as the architecture of the mosques of Cairo, Morocco and the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed at UAE.
Each frame has six ornamental parts filled with the epoxy materials combined with 24 carat gold and this causes the frames to glitter in exhibition.
The main body of the frames is colored in white and in combination with the six ornamental parts of sides of the frame, it reminds its spiritual dimension, purity and significance.