Our Customers

Our Customers

International Art Gallery has a two-fold vision

Vision 1:

Creation of multi-language calligraphy artwork (Classic and modern), artwork according to subject and innovation, handicraft; and global exhibitions. The priority in this vision is promotion of the literature and poetry of the great Iranian masters such as Ferdowsi, Saadi, Khayam, etc. and demonstration to the world of real influential Iranian artists.

International Art Gallery shoulders the responsibility for “creation of language translation variety” of the most beloved artwork from times past to the present and from varied cultures.

Vision 2:

Providing for the artistic needs of various industries (Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Diplomatic, Commercial, Hotels, etc.). Creation and presentation of artwork according to the main criteria of beauty in the environment and surroundings (including color, form, modern, classic, art in industry, tourism, etc.) relying on the present demands of the society and creation of visual communication in environmental aesthetics between the guest and host.

The vision has been planned in 24 parts and 3 galleries (VIP, visual art, and handicraft)