Multi-language Artwork

“Multi-language Artwork” collection

“Multi-language Artwork” collection was created by “Mojtaba Karami” to introduce the finest of Iranian Literature globally and for all to relish.

The collection is calligraphy by the hand of Mojtaba Karami and displays the most distinguished Iranian poetry, interpreted by prominent international translators in the course of history. The calligraphy combines two styles from ancient Farsi and the West. The artwork has been adorned and painted in the traditional Iranian styles to express itself to any audience, anywhere. Thereby, the confidences of the poets are revealed to those unfamiliar to Farsi Literature.

The ability of Mojtaba Karami to compose Latin calligraphy (British, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc.) and his exclusive juxtaposition of the languages, displays effectively the fineries of the Farsi literature to the foreign viewer. As well, the artistic presentation of Farsi literature in the form of Visual Arts has a most rapid and immediate effect on the general public.