Mojtaba Karami

Mojtaba Karami



UK Ambassador at “Two-Language (Persian-English) Artwork –Khayam Poetry” Exhibition- Niavaran Palace, Tehran, 2009

French Ambassador in Iran

UN Representative in Iran

Idin Aghdashlou

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran

Mojtaba Karami’s Statement

Transformation is important to me, not being immobile or in one specific condition. Art knows no borders, neither for me or others. Doing what has not been attempted before, without fear of non-achievement, where the accomplishment is not the goal BUT experiencing the novel and the unachievable.

You have not gained success when you do as others do. A new experience is a new and dangerous path but worthy of the struggle.

Being a slave to the past clichés of other artists is not palatable. The most exciting thing in life for me is to follow a new road.

Do not fear and have hope. Continue life and use the experience of the world’s greatest masters, who have laid the groundwork for new experiences. Do not follow those who have grown in the shadow of others and who follow the repetitive path.

Attempting to create non-Farsi calligraphy art in Iran was very demanding and expensive venture. And it has never absolutely satiated me. Calligraphy by itself is a repetitious art form for me, transferring the excitement of others to me and little else. I crave more.

There are still other uncharted paths, imagined and seen in my childhood, some which I have discovered, these lands of color and image, in due course.

Unexpectedly, I saw myself in a limitless realms and I wish I could live long enough to perceive them all.

I glide in my imagination and dreams, not looking around or behind me, but delve within myself and get my inspiration from the almighty.

Thinking, contemplation, reflection… are the best elements in the creation of my work, where the implementation takes a very short time and thereafter I delight in the labor endlessly.

I think of you, the audience……….And I cannot predict the how or what of the artwork…. Or the whom (a painter, a sculptor, a mountain climber, anyone).