Luxury Gifts

Luxury Gifts

There is no better option for improving Trade and political relations than the offering of a token or a gift.

Today artworks are considered as valuable and cherished luxury items, which will increase in value with the passing of time.

With 10 years of experience in the Arts and expertize in in different social areas, International Art Gallery is qualified to prepare specialized gifts and tokens to improve Trade and political relations.

Having the potential to create multilingual artwork can help to improve political and commercial ties and relations nationally and internationally.

In order to offer an extensive choice to the customer, we have specialized in researching the customer prerequisites and can provide a broad range of artwork to cater for any occasion, nationality, type of Trade, personality of receiver as well as category of art work – Oil painting, B/W, Portrait, woven, carving, etc. The gallery cooperates with the most prominent artists in the Iran.

Two-Language (Persain-English) Artwork –Khayam Poetry with Iranian Painting

Oil Painitng (Traditional Iranian, Ghajar Period)

Two-Language (Persian-Japanese) Artwork –Khayam Poetry with Iranian Painting

Two-Language (Persian-Russian) Artwork –Khayam Poetry with Iranian Painting