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Fushion of art and industry. An artistic fushion of industry and those employed in the oil,gas and petrochemical industries with art. A way to show capabilities within a memorable and lasting frame. Reach higher goals.

The collection of paintings (thematic and international) is created and customized based on the needs of the audience. The artwork is created as per order of the client and the focus is the criteria and requests of the client to create the most efficient and artistic form from that viewpoint.

What then takes shape is the mindset of the client, utilizing the creativity and abilities of the artist, which indirectly and from an Aesthetic perspective display the higher mindset and achievement of objectives.

At the same time as the mindset of the client customizes the title, color of architecture or interior decoration, etc. The Farsi and non-Farsi calligraphy techniques used allow voice and expression.

Envoirnmental Artwork – ZARKUH MINING Co., 2017