Environmental Presentations

Environmental Presentations

One of the most utilized types of art-work globally is environmental art in enclosed spaces (home, work, etc.). Such art can also be utilized in environments beyond those mentioned or considered by the general public. The focus on the Environment has a greater effectiveness and gives better feedback to the artist.

Having artwork in any environment makes sound mental health and high-end management of the complex evident. Display of artwork in any environment is required to indicate grace and tranquility. Therefore, the utilization of artwork can be permitted in the categories below:

  1. Industry (Administration, sessions, restaurants) - Uplifting of employee spirits and improvement of efficiency
  2. Oil, Gas, Petrochemical (Administration, sessions, restaurants) - Uplifting of employee spirits
  3. Import & Export (Sessions, VIP) - Uplifting of employee spirits
  4. Trade Expos (Improvement in quality of services to customers and Relations)
  5. International Hotels Rooms, Suites, Corridors, Restaurants, reception) - Increase in quality of services to customers
  6. Political & Diplomatic Circles (Conferences, Seminars, Sessions, VIP) - Attainment of highest Levels of communication and Interaction
  7. Hospitals (Patient Rooms, Corridors, Employee Canteens) - Improving Patient and Employee Spirits
  8. Educational Circles (Schools, Universities, Institutes) - Improving Spirits & Quality of Education
  9. Coffee Shops & Restaurants (Interior and Exterior) - Improvement of Service Quality and Creation of Warm and Welcoming Environment.

Envoirnmental Artwork – FATEH Sanat Kimia Co., 2013

Envoirnmental Artwork – Canteen, Steel Alborz Co., 2014

Envoirnmental Artwork – ZARKUH MININIG Co., 2017