Mojtaba Karami

Painter, international calligrapher and graphic designer (founder of International Art Gallery), born in 1978 began his artistic activities in 1991 with Persian Calligraphy. Along with his academic education he started non-Persian calligraphy in Gothic and Copperplate styles under supervision of Hamidreza Ebrahimi and received his high-grade certificate of Art from London’s CLAS, the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society, in more

Successful Art

Successful art can generate a reciprocal conversation with the mind, challenge it, and reflect different aspects of the everyday life.

Artwork means diversity and having new things to say; a savior rescuing us from a tedious everyday life.

Art can blow a new life into subjects like idealism, purposefulness, veneration, hospitality, love, peace, friendship....Read more